FBN Circle / Peer Group Opportunities

Looking to join a peer group to discuss sensitive topics that are personal, family and/or business related in an environment where people can really undestand you?

FBN is here to help!  We are excited to create opportunities and conditions to bring you together with your peers to share and learn in the "ultimate safe space" that FBN provides.

What is an FBN CIRCLE?

It’s a self-governed group of like-minded individuals from family businesses who are interested in participating in a small, focused peer group. 

We are forming different types of peer groups.  A peer group can come together and gel around a topic like family governance for people who want to learn more about family governance.  A peer group can be created for specific roles, like NxG’s stepping into leadership roles or CEO’s and Chairmen who are retiring out of leadership roles, for example.  Each circle will be comprised of 6-8 committed members with no personal conflict, business conflict or conflict of interest. 

How does it work?

At the outset, each peer group will define the purpose, vision and rules for engagement.  CIRCLE members will co-create a commitment and trust protocol and will determine how many times they will meet, length of meeting, virtual vs. in person, facilitation and determine the format and goals of each meeting. 

What are some possible topics?

What’s next?

If you are interested in learning more and potentially joining a peer group, contact Jennifer Muntz, Executive Director, [email protected]



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