FBN NxG Award 2018 - Deadline to Submit June 30


FBN SUPPORTS AND CELEBRATES the new generation of entrepreneurs

Welcome to this year's FBN NxG-Award!  Created in 2009, the NxG Award celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of our NxG Community!  To apply, a NxG family member will introduce their entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship effort to the selection committee.  The project can be an intrapreneurial project inside the family business like starting a new product line or an entrepreneurial effort like a start-up. Apply now!  The deadline to submit your application is June 30.

WHY should you apply?

  • Grow your project. Receive first-hand guidance from peers and actionable feedback from expert jury members, which includes senior business leaders, seasoned entrepreneurs, and academic experts.

  • Become part of the international FBN NxG community of entrepreneurs

Three finalists will be selected.  Each one will get complementary registrations for the 2018 NxG Entrepreneurship day in Berlin, the 2018 FBN Global Summit in Venice where they will gain widespread exposure by presenting their project on the big stage, and they will receive coaching sessions by peers and experts. In addition, the winner will receive a complementary seat at a world class academic program.

"I really wanted to challenge myself and try to compete against entrepreneurs all over the world."

Marc Antoine Brochard, 2015 NxG Award winner


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