Webinar Recap: Building a Culture of Accountability

Last week, we held a webinar on building an accountability culture and we had a great turnout!  The essence of the program was to increase our understanding of the role and power of accountability, use family governance as the driver of family accountability and we looked at different ways to increase accountability across the family and the business. 

I hope you find the webinar valuable!  If you would like a PDF of the slides, please make the request to Jennifer Muntz, [email protected].

Here’s the link to the recording:


Session Title:

Building a Culture of Accountability

Session Description:

Accountability and taking ownership in the family business is critical for productive, contributing individuals and family members, as well as for an effective family governance system. We will explore family governance and what’s needed for it to be an effective system. How does accountability show up for you and your family? What can be improved in regard to accountability and family governance? What are some extreme circumstances you may encounter with family and business accountability?

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