2017 FBN-NA Annual Meeting


On behalf of the FBN board, we are pleased to announce some operational changes which impacts our members. The board recently updated the FBN By-Laws to provide additional opportunities for member engagement and to further uphold our motto “By Families, For Families, Across Generations”.

In accordance to our By Laws, FBN families will designate a family member to become their “Member Designee”. This person will be an ambassador for FBN and a liaison between FBN and their family. One important responsibility of Member Designees is to approve the election of our Board of Directors. More to come on the role of Member Designees in our upcoming FBN eNews.

Our Annual Meeting of the Members will be held at the NYC Family Forum on September 28 at 1:00pm.

Member Designees will vote on the slate of Directors at that time. Here is the slate of Directors approved by the FBN Nominating Committee.


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