Who Are the Next Generation of Family Business Owners?

Learning. Stewardship. Lifelong connections.

If you are finishing your schooling or thinking about the next stage of your career, taking on your first roles in the family business, or serving in governance, a foundation or family office, you know how difficult it can be to find friends who understand your unique concerns and challenges. 

Family Business Network Next Generation (NXG) can connect you with a community of peers in other family businesses and give you the tools you need during this transformative time.

Designed exclusively for the rising generation of family business leaders, NXG networking and learning experiences give family members ages 18 to 40 the knowledge and tools they need to find their way forward:

Local and Global NXG Community
Next generation family members find a “new home” and a “new extended family” at FBN.  Friendships form fast and last a lifetime. Attend NxG retreats, workshops and forums across the globe. Get involved in ouur NxG Committee or an international committee to increase your impact.

Polaris – The Global Movement of Impact
Since signing the pledge in 2015, FBN NXG has led in the family business impact journey. Join forces and use your business resources as a force for good, sustaining workers, communities, the environment, and future generations.

NXG Learning Programs
A safe, supportive, sales-free space to discuss sensitive topics, FBN-USA NXG Leadership CIRCLE and NXG Events encourage authentic, deep conversations about common challenges and provide learning opportunities among like-minded peers.

NXG Job Postings and NXG International Internships
Explore new fields, expand your personal network, and enhance your skills by interning or working in other complex family business environments around the world.  Learn different governance structures and practices that work for other families.

Global NxG Entrepreneurship Awards
Created in 2009 with the purpose of championing young entrepreneurial family business members. Building on 10 years of successful entrepreneurial stories, the Award fosters a community of young NxG entrepreneurs within the global network.

If you want to further develop your leadership and entrepreneurial skills, forge lifelong mentorships and friendships, find the most rewarding role in your family business—and have so much fun—join the FBN NXG community today.

Next Gen Program via Family Business Network

You have not yet joined the family business, family office, or family foundation and you are still in school or at an early stage of a career outside the family business.

Next Gen Family Business Owners Working Together

You have started working for the family business, family office or family foundation and would like to develop skills in areas such as conflict management, negotiation, communication.

Transitioning Next Generation's Business Owners

You have been working in the family business, family office or family foundation for some time and are now in the advanced stages of the succession process, and you would like to develop leadership and entrepreneurial spirit.

What Do We Offer to NxGs?

A unique and secure place to:

  • Learn from leading experts, entrepreneurs and other families from North America and across the globe.
  • Meet with NxG peers to share experiences and advice.
  • Expand your professional and social networks.
  • Gain leadership and business experience.
  • Have fun!

For more information, contact Jennifer Muntz, Executive Director, [email protected].

NxG Activities Include

NextGen Program via Family Business Network - USA