Who Are NxG?

If you are age 18 to around 40 and:

You have not yet joined the family business, family office, or family foundation and you are still in school or at an early stage of a career outside the family business.

You have started working for the family business, family office or family foundation and would like to develop skills in areas such as conflict management, negotiation, communication.

You have been working in the family business, family office or family foundation for some time and are now in the advanced stages of the succession process, and you would like to develop leadership and entrepreneurial spirit.

What Do We Offer to NxGs?

A unique and secure place to:

  • Learn from leading experts, entrepreneurs and other families from North America and across the globe.
  • Meet with NxG peers to share experiences and advice.
  • Expand your professional and social networks.
  • Gain leadership and business experience.
  • Have fun!

For more information, contact Jennifer Muntz, Executive Director, jmuntz@fbn-na.org.

NxG Activities Include

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