NxG Programs

Vision:  Happier families and sustainable businesses
through an aware and inspired Next Generation

New Leader Circle

Are you looking for a safe place to discuss sensitive topics that affect your life whether these are personal, family or business issues? Younger family members have a great need to learn and share in confidence. This NxG peer group enables NxGs to talk about their common challenges and find solutions from their peers and outside quests. Some topics include:  Developing their leadership role in the business or outside the business, deal with siblings and hidden expectations and pressure, family dynamics, creating healthy relationships, building your own family, family and business governance amongst other topics.

NxG Award

Family businesses are founded with great entrepreneurs who build great businesses. Since  entrepreneurship is in the blood of family members there is a need to support a flourishing community of NxG entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs within FBN. This is a prestigious annual award with significant monetary and visibility rewards.


Do you want to work in another country in a specific industry in a specific facet of business? Do you need outside experience before joining the business or governance role? FBN facilitates these connections to help you learn and grown and achieve your goals.

NxG Events

As the premier local and global community for families in business, there are many opportunities for learning and networking. Each event has something to offer the next generation. As a NxG member, you can attend special events all over the world and build a global network of like-minded peers.