Looking to join a peer group to discuss sensitive topics that are personal, family and/or business related in a trusted environment?

At FBN we are here to help! We are excited to create opportunities and conditions that bring you together with your peers to share and learn in the "ultimate safe space". If you are interested in joining a CIRCLE and haven't already shown interest in the past, please email Jennifer Muntz at [email protected] and we will get in touch with you. 

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What is an FBN CIRCLE?

It's a self-governed group of like-minded individuals from family businesses who are interested in participating in a small, focused peer group. Each CIRCLE will be comprised of six to eight committed members with no personal conflict, business conflict or conflict of interest.

At the outset, each peer group will define the purpose, vision and rules for engagement. CIRCLE members will co-create a commitment and trust protocol and will determine how many times they will meet, length of meeting, virtual vs. in person, facilitation and determine the format and goals of each meeting.

Which Type of Peer Group Interests You?

  1. New Leader CIRCLE (NLC): This peer group is specifically for NxG family members who may or may not be in a leadership role in the family business but are interested in developing their leadership capabilities.

  2. Family Council Chair CIRCLE: This peer group is specifically for family members in that position who are looking to learn and share their experience and best practices leading the family council.

  3. Board Chairman CIRCLE: This peer group is specifically for family members in the Chairman role for their family business or family office.  The purpose of this CIRCLE is to help Board Chairs in navigating the complexity and intersection of family and business.