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Managing Risk, Innovation, and Disruption

March 01, 2018 10:00 AM CST to March 02, 2018 7:00 PM CST

La Valencia Hotel
1132 Prospect Street
La Jolla, CA 92037

family forum:
Managing Risk, innovation, and disruption
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march 1-2, 2018
La Valencia Hotel, lA jOLLA, CALIFORNIA
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Risk, innovation, and disruption are integral to successful multigenerational family businesses. Risk and innovation are both disruptive yet often fruitful. Join families like yours as we explore the chemistry of these facets in the business, the family, philanthropy, and the family office. Hear personal stories from your closest peers that will help you successfully navigate the challenges of family and business complexity.

Come be a part of a unique learning experience designed solely for family businesses.

  • 90% of our speakers are your peer family members. You will hear their real stories, trials and tribulations, first-hand.
  • We have amazing members who candidly share personal stories and offer advice to help you succeed.
  • The networking and relationships built within our community are unparalleled to other professional organizations.
  • We are a solicitation-free environment – no sponsors, no advisors.

Disrupting Ourselves and Innovating as the Next Generation
Speaker:  Riana Mondavi of C. Mondavi & Family

Generational transitions are often stressful and disruptive to the family and the business.  The preparation or lack thereof can take on many forms and have both positive and negative effects.  In this session, we will hear Riana Mondavi, of C. Mondavi & Family, share her family experience of family transition, starting a board, shaking up the family, and what the next generation did to bring balance back to the family and innovation to the business.  Moderated by Andrew Keyt, President of FBN, he will draw out lessons learned, and key points as it relates to family transition and business innovation.  Riana will wrap up by sharing her personal family business philosophy – truly inspiring!! (Read Bio)

relationship risk:  Can't we All Just Get Along
Speaker:  andrew keyt, fbn-na

When thinking about risks to the business, family relationship risk probably falls to the bottom of the list. Relationships are the key to a healthy and vibrant family and business.  In this session, Andrew Keyt, of FBN will discuss his perspective on why conflict happens in families, and how to build cohesion and trust among family members.  He will share insights on effectively dealing with difficult family members, relationships between branches, how to improve family communication and secrets to managing family relationships.  (Read bio)

shining a light:  family gravity and the next gen
Speaker:  Sonny iqbal, egon zehnder

Family Gravity is defined by the values and priorities that endure across generations. Family Gravity affects a wide range of parameters, from family and spans to the strategic direction and every-day operations, and therefore significantly contributes to what makes each family business unique. This concept was born out of a research partnership started in 2015 between FBN International and Egon Zehnder.

In this session, hear from one of the leading researchers, Sonny Iqbal, from Egon Zehnder as he explores the concept of Family Gravity and reveals the latest research on the underlying factors influencing Family Gravity, with a focus on the next generations’ perceptions. This research will connect the dots on how intangible assets like values and vision; individual contribution of family members and formal and informal governance structures play a defining role in setting up the family business and the family for long term-success.  (Read bio)

leading during a crisis
Speaker:  Jeffrey tapick

It’s hard to predict what will unfold during a crisis, but there are measures you can take to prepare, help others, and minimize the impact. The Tapick family didn’t have experience in dealing with a major disruption like the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. But what they do have is strong leadership and dedication to helping their employees and their community.  Click here to read what Martin Preferred Foods and others did during the storm and how it effected the employees.  Join this session to hear Jeff Tapick, President and Chief Operating Officer of Martin Preferred Foods, discuss specific actions they took with their disaster preparedness committee, and the importance of clear and frequent communication and clear prioritization: employee safety first, business continuity and helping the community second. Jeff will share his experience of leading during a crisis and using the business to help others which led to the creation of a family private foundation. (Read bio)

family Decision Points and diversification
Speaker:  dain kistner

Families and businesses change over time and transition from one generation to the next. Join us to hear Dain Kistner, a 5th generation family member and Director of Family Office Innovation at Pitcairn, share his family story - discussing key strategic decisions the Pitcairn family has made over the last century and how they played out - through the lens of Wealth Momentum™.  Wealth Momentum looks at the different family and financial factors that push a family forward or pull a family backward. Essentially, it’s the positive interplay and alignment of family and financial dynamics that create sustainable wealth and a sustainable family enterprise. In this interactive session, you will identify specific wealth momentum characteristics to help propel your family forward.  (Read bio)


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