Andrew Keyt

President and board Member, FBN-North America

"The Family Business Network is a dynamic global community of the most sophisticated family businesses across the world. It is a place for learning, sharing and growth."

- Andrew Keyt

T: +1 312.961.3157


Andrew Keyt is an internationally known business strategist and succession planning expert for family owned businesses. He has established a reputation globally for his exceptional ability to advise large family owned businesses, resolve family conflict and restore communication. He is one of the few experts called upon in family emergency transitions to help them discover invisible opportunities and solve seemingly impossible problems.He has dedicated his professional career to helping families navigate the unique ownership challenges and complex transitions that come along with successful family business stewardship

At the age of 22, Andrew became a family business owner of a business he didn’t even know existed. “I had to quickly figure out how to fill the shoes of my father and find my own leadership path. “ His personal story and witnessing the growth and transformation of many successful family business leaders inspired him to write Myths and Mortals: Family Business Leadership and Succession Planning, published by Wiley, July 2015. His book is based on years of research and interviews with great next generation leaders like Christine Hefner, Bill Wrigley Jr., Massimo Ferragamo and more. His acute family business insights have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Fortune Magazine, The Economist and Family Business.

Website: Family Business Strategist