A Balancing Act: Family and Business Governance
November 20-21, 2014 — Miami

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For many business owning families, it’s a balancing act to manage the operations of the company and the dynamics of the family. Being thoughtful and attentive to the needs of both entities can reduce serious breakdowns that lead to disagreements and dissolution. The key is effective, adaptive and integrated governance structures, agreements, policies and practices. What structure do we have in place and is it sustainable over generations? How do we nurture inclusion and improve decision making? What, how and whom do we communicate and educate? What are the appropriate boundaries between the family and the business? Effective governance structures are foundational to keeping the family involved and knowledgeable while keeping the business operating smoothly.

Breakout sessions and keynote speakers will address both the family side and business side including; communication between the family and the business, decision making mechanisms, developing a board and compensation, transitioning leadership, shareholder education and engaging unengaged family members.

More information to be provided.